August 22, 2016

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  • Designing or improving your image brand
  • Polling and testing your image brand
  • Translating concepts into visually compelling presentation
  • Search Engine Optimization & Google Analytics & Adwords
  • Creating top quality web design and back-end
  • Designing social media presence through various platforms
  • General marketing communication consulting
  • Discovering & Targeting the right channels
  • Creating efficient and comprehensive media campaigns

As design enthusiasts we are aiming to generate the most seductive and efficient solutions for our clients. We believe that branding through print or digital mediums, is not a finality in itself but should become a real experience for the viewer. With our clients, we conceptualize and translate ideas into solutions that drive results. When the situation calls for a certain mood we advise the client whether it be humour, sophistication, celebration or modesty.
  • At first we begin by listening and asking questions
  • We then determine the project scope and develop a strategy that will produce results. We explore design possibilities, constraints and potential for engaging new and return clients.
  • With a unique problem solving approach we develop ideas to visually express your main intent and message.
  • Proper execution is also a must. Once the final design is ready to start we work with you to gather needed assets to customize for the right fit in order to get the job done.
  • Our work isn’t done after the project delivery. We want your feedback! We work with you to evaluate not only how the process went but how the target audience responds.

Jean-Philippe Finkelstein
Graphic Design/Art Direction
Jean-Philippe Finkelstein brings a sophisticated and witty eye to the challenges of visual communication. His projects demonstrate outstanding mastery of the tools of contemporary graphic art, from typography and image editing to colour and layout. They provide highly imaginitive solutions across a wide range of media, to the problems of delivering the messages of clients effectively and memorably. They are sensuous and smart; they embody strong visual intelligence and much flair. His background in art and architecture, and his deep interest in all forms of modern and historical expression have well prepared him to be an interpreter of the products, vision and ideas of clients to the present day public.
Rick Maltese
Web Design/Web Development
Rick Maltese has a strong background in web development and design. He is passionate about developing websites that are both effective and visually appealing. Starting as a college instructor fresh out of university himself he moved on to practice freelance web design. During these years he also regularly produced multimedia presentations which has made him an expert on incorporating audio and video into websites. Among his many talents he has a solid foundation in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and programming in several languages. Having practiced social media and SEO on his own personal projects he has an in depth understanding in what marketing tools need to be integrated into each website and what practices are needed to maintain a leading edge.


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Jean-Philippe Finkelstein
Phone: [416].767.9078
Cell: 647.379.9655
Rick Maltese
Phone: [416].767.9078
Cell: 647.379.9655

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